Kristin Luz – Travel Advisor

I am a travel advisor focused on family travel.  I have always had a passion for exploring new places, and began traveling internationally at age 16 when I spent a summer abroad.  Over the next two decades, my husband and I traveled throughout North America, South America, and Europe, gaining an appreciation for the different experiences one can get from different types of travel: trekking the Inca Trail, relaxing at an all-inclusive resort, sailing on a 50-foot yacht in Greece, and adventure travel in Costa Rica, to name a few.  After having our son, we were committed to maintaining and sharing our passion for travel with him. Exploring the world as a family has been a way of life for us for the last 5 years. Some of our son’s favorite memories are from our travels: swimming in a private beachfront pool in Bali, exploring castles in Europe, seeing Tigers on safari in India, and riding Big Thunder Mountain Railroad while watching the fireworks at Disney World.  Travel defines our family.

I believe that family travel should be a priority for every family.  Travel provides an opportunity for family members to connect to each other in meaningful ways.  When families are removed from the stresses and routines of daily life, they are able to take the time to focus on each other.  The shared moments and new experiences create new, lasting memories that are cherished by all. Of course, family travel also provides significant educational opportunities for learning about places, people and cultures that cannot be found in school.  It also presents real life problem-solving tasks that allow children to apply what they have learned in school. Exchange rates, map reading, and communicating in other languages are all authentic learning activities. Finally, parents get the opportunity to see the world through new eyes.  There is nothing quite like seeing a child’s eyes light up as they see new sights and gain new experiences.

As an experienced traveler and knowledgeable consultant, I know that there is no one right way to travel as a family: the right vacation is the one that provides the travel experience your family’s personality, needs and wants.  Whether it is an active outdoor vacation, a culturally focused journey, a relaxing break by the beach, or even a combination of all three, I will create the holiday that your family is dreaming of. Contact me today for a consultation regarding your family’s next vacation.

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