Travel Planning Services

Planning your dream trip is so much more than booking! I have the expertise and experience to research, plan and book the trip you are looking for. See below to learn more about the wide range of travel planning services available for families, couples, solo travelers and even groups.

Custom Itinerary

Looking to explore the world? Custom itineraries are my specialty! This type of planning includes a thorough consultation in which I assess your travel history, needs and preferences. I then build an individualized plan for you in your destination(s) including plans for transport, lodging and activities/day tours. After making any requested modifications, I book all services and provide you with a link to the Pocket Travel Consultant App. Of course, I also include ongoing travel support before travel with things like packing lists and travel guides. During travel, you can always contact me to assist with troubleshooting as needed. No two trips are ever the same because I build these to suit each individual client’s needs, but to give you an idea, here are just some examples of trips I have created:

  • 2-week Costa Rica – This trip for a family of five included multiple stops including beach time, wildlife viewing at a national park, ziplining, rafting, and more.
  • 10-days Austria/Germany – Another multi-stop itinerary that provided a family of five an opportunity to explore the cities of Vienna and Munich, but also more rural areas. Activities included cultural performances, bike tours, and castle visits.
  • 1 week Italy – The highlights for a first trip to Italy for this family of four included Venice, Florence & Tuscany, and Rome.
  • 2-week Peru – A family of four were able to stay in an Amazon lodge and marvel at wildlife, go sandboarding in Huacachina and participate in an abbreviated version of the Inca Trail before visiting Machu Picchu.
  • 3-week New Zealand – A couple enjoyed three weeks exploring both the North and South Islands of New Zealand. This allowed plenty of time for adventure (jet-boating, ziplining and heli-hiking) and relaxation (natural spring spa and wine tasting).
  • 3-week Western US – This road trip for a family of four took them from Southern California over to the Grand Canyon, up to Las Vegas and then Lake Tahoe. They then enjoyed the San Francisco Bay Area and eventually drove down famed Highway 1. This was a busy trip including a visit to Universal Studios, hiking, food tours, whale-watching and more.

Cruise or Package Holiday

All cruises are not created equal, and all resorts don’t fit every traveler’s needs. After a brief consultation in which I assess your travel history, needs and preferences, I’ll research and provide you with a recommendation for the best 1-3 cruises or resort packages that meet what you are looking for. Once you select your top choice, I’ll book the holiday for you. My services include pre-, during- and post-travel attention including things like excursion recommendations and booking, packing lists, reservations and travel guides.

Land Tour

Perhaps you’d like to explore a destination with a little more support along the way? A guided tour may be a good fit for you. While quality larger bus tours are available, you may not realize that there are a number of small-group options that allow for a more intimate experience. After a consultation about your travel needs and preferences, I will recommend 1-3 group tour options. From there, I will support you with booking, as well as any pre- or post-travel arrangements that you need.

Adventure Travel

Do you have an appetite for adventure? Whether it’s multi-day hiking or biking, or a trip that involves a different sport each day, I can help you plan the adventure of a lifetime! I can even plan trips with different levels of adventure for different members of the family. As with all of my other services, we begin with a consultation to be sure I have a picture of what you are looking for in a trip. Specifically with adventure travel, we address matching your fitness and comfort level with the activities available within the trip. After the consultation and presentation of proposal(s) – usually in the form of a custom itinerary or a small-group tour – I manage all components of your trip and provide pre-, during- and post-travel support.

Group Travel

Don’t take on the stress of coordinating multiple families on a group vacation! I can support you by managing a group trip in the form of any of the above trip types. Depending on the trip type, I do a consultation with one primary client (in the case of a birthday, for example) or multiple clients (general group trip) in order to ensure that we are selecting the right trip to meet everyone’s needs. Additionally, if you are interested in a small-group tour option, I work with many operators that offer the ability to convert their trips to a private trip at no additional cost with a minimum number of participants (usually 8-12).

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