What’s it really like to fly internationally during Fall 2020?

With different countries opening up after the global COVID shutdown, many people are considering travel but aren’t sure what to expect. Join me from door to door to hear and see what it was like for us to travel from SFO to the Riviera Maya.

In addition to the tips and info in the video, here are a few other things to know or consider when flying now:

  • Bring hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes, if desired. However, you will encounter plenty of places with sanitizer available along the way.
  • Bring/wear glasses to avoid touching your eyes.
  • I was a little worried how our 7 year old would handle wearing the mask for 8 hours, but he didn’t complain once.
  • On airlines where you select your seats ahead of time, remember to look at your seat map when you check in. This way you can change seats to the least filled area if need be.
  • All of the areas we would ordinarily experience lines were strategically planned to increase distancing. The two places where we saw less distancing were at the gate waiting for the plane and at baggage claim. However, we still found it easy to distance ourselves in these locations.
  • Most airlines are providing snack and drink packs, but may be limiting additional beverage or snack options, including those for sale.

Of course, everyone’s comfort level is different and you should consider what’s right for you and your family. I went into this trip worried that the trip down to Mexico would be a day full of anxiety, but I was happy to see so many measures in place to provide necessary precautions and distancing.

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