5 Reasons You Should Take a Vacation Without Your Kids

Traveling as a family is an amazing experience, but I must admit that there are definitely reasons to consider planning a romantic couple’s getaway, too.

Get alone time with your significant other.  The day-to-day routine of running a family can leave little room for romance.  It can be really easy to forget to focus on your relationship as a couple, but a few days away without the kids can bring back that pre-kid feeling. 

Try out an adults-only resort. Adults-only resorts offer a whole other level of service and experience, and are inaccessible to those traveling with kids.  In addition to having beautiful, facilities and grounds, these resorts usually have the highest levels of quality for dining, spa services, and adult oriented activities like tequila tasting.  And, let’s be honest, if you are traveling without your own kids, you probably don’t want to be around someone else’s. 

Your kid gets to bond with someone else.  Whether it’s grandparents, a favorite aunt, or just close friends, it can be a treat for your child to spend some extended time with loved ones.  Not having parents around can change the dynamic of the relationship.  It’s an opportunity to do some special activities, learn about a shared hobby, or even go on their own little adventure together. 

Do activities that have age restrictions.  Some activities cannot be done with your 5 year old, and some are more fun without them.  I love trying all sorts of new experiences with my son, but there is always an element of parenting when he’s there.  Take advantage of the kid-free time to enjoy that sunset sail (with a glass of bubbly or two) or to do that 8-mile hike that would be too much for the kiddo.

Rest, relax and rejuvenate and come back a happier parent.  In our regular lives, we don’t have tons of time to take care of ourselves, to truly relax.  Sometimes, I know that takes a toll on my own mood and can leave me a bit short-tempered.  Taking a few days away gives parents a chance to breathe, to refresh and come back appreciative of all the quirky ins and outs of family life.

And a bonus reason… the kids will be fine!  Unless there are extenuating circumstances, your child really will be fine without you for a few days.  Take it from my eight year old who told me before our recent getaway, “You know, Mom, sometimes it’s nice for me to get a break from you guys, too.”

While I focus on family travel, I also have extensive experience planning vacations for couples to countless international and domestic destinations. Reach out to learn more about my personalized vacation planning services: (408)533-0080 or kristin@familytravelsandadventures.com.

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